Regh Violins

Bows: Cello

The same attention given to the origin, provenance, condition, tonal characteristics, workmanship and pricing of your instrument needs to be extended to your Bow – which is, after all, the other half of the music “system”. Fine bows provide the necessary platform for advanced players to make the minute variations in intensity and color needed to perform at the highest levels. Meticulous and uncompromising attention to every detail of workmanship and material selection is necessary to create such a fine bow. Regh Violins makes such bows and is selective in carrying other makers who represent the same excellence in contemporary bow making. All bows in Regh Violins collection have been played by major artists and their playing quality judged.

Brand Stick Weight Price
Regh, Joseph Round 81 9,000 USD
Joseph Regh Octagonal 80.5 9,000 USD
J. Regh, New York Round 74.6 7,000 USD
Joseph Regh 2009 Octagonal 74 6,200 USD
Hoyer, Otto Pariser Octagonal 62 4,500 USD
Mircourt, c1920 Round 74 3,800 USD
Ouchard, Emile Round 78.1 3,200 USD
Emile Ouchard Round 78.2 3,200 USD
J. Regh Octagonal 74.4 3,000 USD
Regh, Joseph Round 3,000 USD
R. Dotschkail *** Octagonal 80.7 2,800 USD
J. Regh, New York Octagonal 71.2 2,800 USD
J. Regh, New York Octagonal 77.7 2,800 USD
J. Regh New York Octagonal 78.4 2,800 USD
Rudolf Neudorfer Octagonal 82.6 2,500 USD
H. Zhuge Round 82.7 2,100 USD
H. Zhuge Round 81.3 2,100 USD
* Michael Doelling * Octagonal 81.8 1,700 USD
Michael Moennig Octagonal 80.2 1,200 USD
Eastman Octagonal 80 295 USD