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Luthier Tools: The Peg Hole Reamer

The Peg Hole Reamer is a specialized tool to repair the enlargement of the peg hole, which occurs naturally over a long lifespan of a fine instrument. Using the precision depth and centering control of the Peg Ringer shaft and core, it allows for 'invisible' support and restoration of the peg hole and can reduce the peg hole diameter to original size with no visible trace on the instrument.

Over time, as the instrument is tuned the peg friction enlarges the peg hole diameter. Traditionally, the peg hole is enlarged with a tapered reamer and a tapered wooden dowel is inserted and glued in place. This is visible in almost all older instruments. Most often the dowel surface visible is end grain which is structurally weaker than the wall of the pegbox. The Peg Reamer allows a flat-bottomed hole to be created, concentric with the peghole so that a wooden plug can be inserted of the same diameter. The plug is cut from a flat piece of maple with the grain running parallel to the surface. Combined with the support of a stainless steel or carbon fiber ring, this allows a new peghole of smaller diameter to be reamed without disturbing the outside of the pegbox. A very fine gap around each peg is virtually invisible, as the eye is not drawn to it.

It has multiple uses:

Photos / Examples

How To Use

  1. Insert the Peg Hole Reamer assembly inside the peg box
  2. Compress the centering sleeves on both sides of the shaft.
  3. Turn the shaft with an electric drill to mill a 2-3 millimeter deep groove on the inside of the peg cheek, concentric to the broken peg hole. This cutter has no depth stop and the wall thickness measurement must guide the depth of penetration. A metal ring with a set screw on the driving shaft can be used to provide penetration control.
  4. Remove the Peg Hole Reamer assembly
  5. Insert a prepared wooden plug and glue with a permanent glue. A metal or carbon fiber ring that is fitted to the plug is inserted first.
  6. Glue plug in place with a hard, permanent glue. Epoxy, Cyano acrilate and water-proof wood glues have been used.
  7. Trim the plug level with the cheek and touch-up to blend with the background. A new smaller peg hole can now be reamed into the plug.

Price List

The Peg Hole Reamer for violin/viola
250 USD
Cello cutter (15mm OD)
70 USD
Maple Plug with Stainless Steel ring - violin/viola
10 USD
Maple Plug with Carbon Fiber ring - cello
12.50 USD

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